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Administer FAST Search in Perspective

To turn off FAST look for (server assisted search) and revert back to using EDS, an administrator can apply a team plan or implement the and DisableServerAssistedSuggestions customer Office 365 Tech Support Number computer registry values. These are documented in the following table, along with other computer registry values to allow you to manage additional FAST look for functionality.

In organization Perspective , Perspective  and Perspective , you are not able to modify the Exchange Server or User Name in the Consideration Configurations of an Exchange account that already exists. In Perspective , the Exchange Server area is not listed in the Change Consideration discussion box, and in Perspective  and , the Server area is listed but it is not editable. This behavior is by design in these products with existing Exchange records.

In Perspective  (version … and earlier) and earlier editions of Perspective, you could modify the Exchange Server and the User Name fields in the Change Consideration discussion box if you accessed it from Email in the Management Panel while Perspective is not operating. Starting with edition … (the August  update) of Perspective , this was changed and you can no longer modify these settings for an existing Exchange account.

With POP and records, you can modify the records mail server settings in any edition of Perspective.

Instead of trying to modify the Exchange Server in an existing account in Perspective, you should either eliminate the present account and re-add it, or if you prefer to not eliminate the account, create a new Perspective user profile and set up a new account in the new user profile. See the following articles for more information:

Often we are asked if we can automate the creation or modification of new Perspective profiles, en-maze, for Exchange records… without customer interaction. Typically, an Office 365 Technical Support Number Perspective user profile  information file, which is generated through the Workplace Customization Tool (OCT), can be used for most situations.

However, there are two circumstances under which the use of .data files are not supported:

  • Exchange Online records – this is because the .information file needs an Exchange server name to be hard coded. This is normally acceptable for on-premises environments, but for Exchange Online records, the server name contains a variable GOOD that can modify from a chance to efforts and from customer to customer.
  • Outlook – changes to how Exchange Auto discover information is saved in parallel with an Perspective user profile prevents the use of .data files to set up Exchange records in Perspective

While you can still use a PR for your on-premises environments and Perspective  or earlier editions, it is recommended that you use Auto discover, which is reinforced for creating Perspective profiles in both on-premises and Exchange Online environments.

So, how can we automate the Perspective user profile creation?

Nonexchangeable (ICE)

Enter Nonexchangeable can be used to create new profiles for clients with minimal customer interaction. That is, the consumer does not have to get into any settings information… only information that every customer should already know (account name and/or password).

is a computer registry establishing that tells Perspective to create a new user profile using the deal with from Active Directory and to then leverage Auto discover. It’s worth noting that there are no reinforced resources for modifying an Exchange Consideration.

Again, is used as a way to instantly set up an Perspective user profile Kyocera Printer Support Phone Number for one or many clients with Exchange Online or Exchange on-premises records.

However, the underlying mechanism used to gather settings information for your relationship to Exchange is.


Implementing is not hard. It can be included (through a logon script) to the customer’s computer registry or as a team plan establishing for all clients. Here’s how:


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